These kits includes everything you need for to add an anderson connector to your tow bar from our plug and play dual battery wiring kit or form our  anderson equipped battery box. All components have be measured and sized to fit and there is ample cable to run from your rear battery or battery box to the rear of your vehicle or any other desired connection point.

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This tow bar extension wiring kit is ideal for:

Adding an anderson connector on your tow bar to charge your caravan or trailer batteries from you vehicle’s set up – together with our dual battery plug & play wiring kit and Zenot Extreme Battery Box.
Adding an anderson connector to your towbar when you already have a dual battery and battery box set up
Adding an anderson connector extension and additional outlet from you anderson equipped battery box
Quality Built Components

This sensational kit includes:

3 x meters of heavy duty 8 B&S cable with pre-crimped anderson terminals on each end
2 x Anderson connector shells
1 x Anderson style to Anderson style double adaptor

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Zenot Power


This kit is a simple diy set up.

1/ Run Cable from rear Zenot extreme dual battery box.
Note: When running the cable make sure you run the pin side out of the rear to the towbar. Make sure the cable it protected from sharp edges.

2/ Once the cable is at the rear towbar. Normally near the trailer plug. Push the two anderson terminals that are already crimped to the end of the wire into the anderson socket supplied.
The secure the anderson plug near the trailer plug.
Note: Make sure you push the + and The – in the correct location on the anderson plug. You should hear a click sound. If there is no click sound check that the pin is not upside down.

3/ Simply plug the anderson plug into the Zenot Extreme battery box. Now you will have power at the rear towbar.
Note: The rear towbar plug is protected via the circuit breaker in the battery box.