The range of light bars from Zenot are unmatched in quality and performance. The Zenot Light bars are all re-engineered from the ground up. From the Genuine American Cree leds to the Japanese components. By doing these we have developed a light bar that is built to work with the human eye. The light that Zenot Light bars deliver is a patient product and manufactured by Zenot. This light colour is designed to work where the human eye sees best . Buy achieving this Zenot Led Light bars put out a lot more light and use a lot less power.

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The extreme  series light bars are designed to deliver the light using the 6D reflector technology . The 6D reflector is a patentient reflector that was designed by Zenot

  • Brand: Zenot
  • Watt: 180 watt
  • 13500 LM
  • LEDs: Cree
  • Operating Voltage: 9-32V
  • Size: 79 X 6.9 X 8cm
  • Colour temp: 6000KBeam
  • IP rating : IP68
  • Lifespan: 30000+ hours
  • Dimension: 32inch
  • 1 lux @ 810m

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