These kits are completely plug and play for any system that uses anderson connectors for charging input and have everything you need for a professional wiring installation. Our newly developed Maxifuse cable included in this kit makes it very easy to connect to the start battery, provides 80A circuit protection and has an inline 50A Anderson connector. This seamlessly connects to the huge 6 meters of heavy duty twin sheathed 8 B&S cable that runs to the rear of the vehicle. This cable is pre-crimped with Anderson connector terminals which makes it easy to run through holes and grommets. Once the cable is run, all you need to do is clip the Anderson connectors on and connect them to each other. the kit also includes cable ties for securing the main cables, a spare 80A Maxifuse, spare Anderson connector terminals and a small ring terminal assortment for optional connection to an inline VSR if required

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The Zenot Dual Battery wiring kit is designed to be a plug and play solution. Simple DIY. The only thing needed for your dual battery system is either a DC-DC charger or a VSR (Voltage sensitive relay) Depends on the vehicle requirements.

The Kit consists of.

6 x meters of heavy duty 8 B&S Cable
2 x 8mm yellow ring terminals (For the Start Battery)
1 x 50 Amp Anderson style (connectors not crimped to make it easy to pass the cable to the back of the vehicle)
2 x Anderson Style connectors (Already crimped. These connect near the starter battery)
1 x 80 Amp Maxi fuse
1 x Maxi fuse holder with Anderson connector (crimped)


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